There are many ways you and your co-workers can support our mission!  Often times, the goal is to raise enough to sponsor a vest for one K9 in need = $985

Matching Gift
If your employer participates in a matching gift program, your company will match the contributions that you donate to a charitable organization.  Ask your employer for a matching gift form or complete it online if your employer has one.  Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and our EIN number is 27-0872182.

Hold a Workplace Fundraiser!
Get a committee formed and hold a fundraising day at the office.  Here’s a few ideas for easy and fun fundraisers to do at work:  Casual Day, Parking Spot Challenge, Cook Off…so many things you could do at work to raise funds for VIK9s!

Online Fundraising Page
Create an online fundraising page and allow people to give online!
VIK9s has set up peer-to-peer fundraising sites online for supporters.  Once your fundraising event proposal has been approved by us, we will set you up with a branded online fundraising page.