Your organization is a gift to K9s

Sandy, thank you for the vest for K9 Hatchi. It’s been a couple of years since we received it, but tonight I was reminded how special you and your organization are. Tonight we did a building search and located a suspect who had a warrant for his arrest. When we started this call it was a track and K9 Hatchi was without his vest. Once I realized we needed to do a building search I had another officer go drive to my cruiser and retrieve his vest. No one grumbled or complained that we had to delay entry for a minute or two. Nice to see that they all wanted K9 Hatchi as safe as I did. Your organization is a gift to K9’s and their extended families. Thank you for all you do and protecting those that protect us.

Officer Jason Porter and K9 Hatchi Milton Police Department VT January 1, 1970